All Active Members of Janata Party are Democracy Warriors.

Membership Form

By clicking on the "SUBMIT" button you will be signing your consent to abide by the terms and conditions for the Active Member of Janata Party

Terms & Conditions:
  1. The member should have completed 18 years of age and have faith in the principles and programs of the Janata Party
  2. The member subscribes to the values and ideals set before the country my Mahatma Gandhi and dedicate himself to the task of building up a democratic, secular and socialist state in India, drawing inspiration from India's rich heritage and the noble traditions of the struggle for national independence.
  3. The member firmly believes that this task can be achieved by peaceful means alone which includes satyagraha or non-violent resistance. He also believe in the promotion of Khadi and abstains from alcoholic drinks and drugs.
  4. The member should not believe in any kind of discrimination, on the basis of caste, sex or religion.
  5. The member should not be a member of any other political party, communal or other, which has a separate Membership, Constitution and program.
  6. The member has to participate in trainings and programs organized by National Executive Committee of the Janata Party.
  7. The member promises to be a regular reader and subscriber of the newsletter or magazine published by the Janata Party.
  8. The member has to agree and abide by the terms, constitution, rules and discipline of the Party.
Membership Fee
  • The Active Biennial Membership fee is Rs. 50/- only in total (Rs. 25/- for 25 primary member's Fee and Rs. 25/- for Active Membership)