Chairman - Indian Public Alliance
National President - Janata Party

District: Jaipur
State: Rajasthan
Phone: 8003119820
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Place & Date of Birth: Bikaner, 01 June 1979
Education: B.Com
Occupation: Writer and Journalist

Navneet Kumar Chaturvedi, National President of ‘Janata Party’, presently located in city capital Jaipur, is known to be one of the most famous political analysts, renowned RTI activist, and author of best-selling books "Geopolitics," and “Modas the Political Virus”.

Formerly as an investigative journalist and now as a great political statesman. He has achieved his greatest milestones. His entire life journey was not an easy to achieve journey whether as a hardcore investigative journalist or as a politician. But with his” Never to give up” attitude, he has always made through with flying colours.

Taking view of his Investigative Journalism. His findings have always been an eye opener for the Indian Democracy. The way he has investigated corruption and scams prevailing in various political parties. It has tremored politicians and made public largely inquisitive on the need to choose the right leader, the ongoing corruption era and the need to remove the wide spreading roots of corruption

Major Contributions in Investigative Journalism

Rafael Scam

Rafael Scam was Navneet Chaturvedi’s biggest hit. This investigative story by him revealed the actual price of Rafael via France's own documents. He got this information officially from RTI filed via Indian embassy Moscow. He also got to know that Russian Defence firm gave 2 million USD. And to add Anil Ambani Reliance defence did a MOU with this for S-400 Missile deal. Like Rafael deal of France.

Renowned Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad even appreciated his findings in Rafael and gave a fabulous speech in parliament. Navneet Chaturvedi has even filed a criminal case in Patiala house court with this regard.

Rs 15 crores transfer to PM CARES fund by ICAI

Navneet Chaturvedi filed a PIL in Delhi High court challenging the decision of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, of transferring Rs 15 crores to PM CARES fund. The petition claimed the decision of transferring this huge amount was through a request made by then Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs to ICAI.

RBI’s 200 tons of gold to Switzerland in 2014

After filing RTI and extracting information regarding existing gold reserves of RBI. Navneet Chaturvedi as an investigative journalist studied Central Bank’s Annual Reports. He verified that missing 200 ton gold stock is same bought by the Government of India from International Monetary Fund in the year 2009.

He even studied the audit reports from the year 2011 till 2015 and discovered something fishy happened in 2104-15. The gold transfer process began overseas after the Modi government came to power in 2014.

He brought this issue in the public view through an annual audit report 2015. The report clearly stated that a part of the same gold reserve was kept at the Bank of International Settlements, Switzerland, while the rest remained in India.

Navneet Chaturvedi questioned on the non-availability of the gold assets transactions in public domain. Which clearly denotes a lot of things have been kept hidden to avoid public scrutiny.

Uttar Pradesh BJP state unit party fund worth 93.38 crores stolen

A sensational case of misappropriation and theft about 93 crores 38 lakhs from Uttar Pradesh BJP party fund came to light through Navneet Chaturvedi’s Investigations. He disclosed this in a press conference held on 15th October 2018.

Corruption at the centre Vs Navneet Chaturvedi

He surrounded BJP and Modi government at the centre on many issues of corruption, black money and money laundering cases like Nirav Modi and Mehul Bhai PNB scam, Piyush Goyal crony capitalism, Amit Shah’s 745 crore deposit in 2 days, 13800 crores black money of Mahesh Shah’s case, 80:20 gold import case. These all were Navneet Chaturvedi’s biggest blockbusting stories in his journalistic investigative arena.

Prashant Kishor and Rs 95 crore BJP connection

Navneet Chaturvedi in another investigation claimed a fund of Rs 95 crore was stolen from BJP Maharashtra Unit. He even questioned on the same amount if being paid to the election strategist Prashant Kishor. For Mr. Prashant Kishor’s commendable services given to BJP during 2014 general poll elections.

Navneet Chaturvedi got an access to BJP’s central accounts data. Where the accounts did not show any transaction made to Prashant Kishore or to his company. So, from where Prashant Kishor received the huge funds so easily. This was directly questionable.

Prashant Kishor’s Indian Political Action Committee’s balance sheet was even closely investigated by Navneet Chaturvedi where he found. The share capital of the Ipac was Rs 1 lakh and total turnover was Rs 95 lakhs in 2015-16 and Rs 37 lakhs in 2017-18. The increasing financial figures from to year with no confirmed and authentic source of income, directly revealed that Prashant Kishor and Ipac was receiving an illegal black monetary funding source.

Navneet Chaturvedi conferences on Bhartiya Janta party fund Scam

He held 9 Press conferences across the country in the year 2018. Targeting BJP’s famous Rafale ship scam, which was revealed through his research and investigations made. Even congress as an opposition party made his revelations a strong ground to attack BJP at the centre.

Other disclosures made by Navneet Chaturvedi in conferences were stolen and missing BJP party funds, used as a corruption source by the party itself. Like 23 crores in Andhra Pradesh, 119 crores in Madhya Pradesh. Various state media houses even reported the same issue. But could not bring this largely made corruption in proper limelight for a longer period of time.

Geopolitics: An untold story of Conspiracy

Navneet Chaturvedi’s latest released best selling author book is” Geopolitics”. The book is all about the tantrums used in Indian Elections. In this book he has clearly stated Indian Elections in 2014 and 2019 were mechanically devised and captured by foreign agencies like CIA and MOSSAD. The similar pattern everybody could see. In the case of Russian Meddling in Presidential Elections of United States of America 2016. Where Americans blamed Russia for Trump’s victory in United States of America.

This book written by Navneet Chaturvedi unveils hidden political propagandas and certain scenarios with all proofs and facts rightly described. Proving how mass democracy is mislead to highest levels these days.

Navneet Chaturvedi and his way into politics

After spending so many precious years into Investigative journalism and simultaneously as an author. Navneet Chaturvedi has now stepped into the game of politics.

Where he will surely use his deep knowledge, social experience and proper understanding of the Indian Democracy. And hence can change the face of ‘BLACK AND UNWANTED POLITICS to the ‘WHITE AND WANTED POLITICS’

Navneet Chaturvedi has even contested for Lok Sabha elections from South Delhi constituency and now he is into the prominent role of State President of ‘Janata Party Uttar Pradesh unit ‘. He is a proud politician who aspires to contribute wholeheartedly to the Janata Party's historical legacy. And help this party to excel in upcoming “2022 UP ELECTIONS”

Social Volunteering Experience

From being a hardcore journalist, Navneet Chaturvedi is also a softcore social worker/RTI activist who has even contributed beautifully in Civil Rights and Social action issues. Like stopping Child trafficking, releasing girls from female prostitute gangs, doing work for prisoners’ rights and welfare etc. He has worked beyond his capacity for the betterment of society and in national interest. Forwarded a lot of people’s voice and request to the appropriate government civil authorities many times. He is all passionate towards helping underprivileged and needy people. As helping others gives him the force and energy to work for the country’s betterment.